Closca redefines cyclist’s helmet by wisely adapting it to the city, focusing on two important traditional helmets’ handicaps: An excessive volume, which complicates its carrying when you’re not pedaling, and a look that is cut off from the personal style of those who choose the bicycle as an alternative transportation and not wanting to compromise their image.

Closca Fuga helmet is comprised by 3 articulated rings that can be folded and stay flat in one single move, occupying less than half of its expanded volume.  It is the only certified helmet that fits a briefcase, purse or backpack.

Looking good is important.  Closca proposes an exquisite selection of materials and finishes cut off from cyclist equipment common standards and closer to the world of design and fashion.  It’s another accessory in your own style.

In addition it comes with a multisize elastic fitting system and vents that allow fresh air flowing in and warmer air exiting the helmet.

Closca has safety certificates that prove compliance with USA, EU and Asia regulations. 




From its beginnings Closca Design decided to establish collaborations with top designers, and for the creative strategy and design of Closca Fuga has brought CuldeSac team on board.

The result of this collaboration is a balance between functionality and product beauty, which has been awarded the prestigious prize “Red Dot Design Award 2015”.


In Closca, we think bicycles is more than a transportation vehicle, it is a Urban Icon. We wanted to design a helmet that fit perfectly in the urban commuter aesthetics giving to the helmet a more warmly design integrating the helmet with textile. And giving the option to change the helmet by adding different fabric accessories making it a 'Pret a Porter' every season. 

The design of our product reflects a honest concept, offering all information and making the product understandable in 1 second. 

As little design as possible: the 2 horizontal lines are part of the personality of the product and it reflects the helmet can fold and becomes flat for easy storage in a bag. This clean design make the design long lasting. 

Closca Fuga is being presented with 2 exclusive models, smart and combinable with your lifestyle on wheels.

Closca Fuga wants to be a good looking accessory for urban riders who want to protect their head with style.  

It is Design, it is Innovation, it is genuine